Insulation and 20-Gauge Steel for Efficiency and Strength

insulated steel door model 200-20

Key Product Features:

  • 20-Gauge Steel
  • Polyurethane insulation, R-Value*=17.5
  • Max Width 24’2”
  • 2” Section Thickness
  • Patented, roll-formed integral struts for rigidity

Wayne Dalton's Thermospan® 200-20 offers premium thermal efficiency combined with a heavy-duty, 20-gauge flush or smooth exterior surface. Featuring continuous foamed-in-place insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins, the Thermospan® 200-20 provides a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50, making it the ideal door for energy-conscious architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners.

The Wayne Dalton Thermospan® Series doors are the only sectional doors in the industry with patented, roll-formed integral struts on each section, making them the most rigid doors available.

IECC® Compliant

The Thermospan® 200-20 meets IECC® requirements for maximum U-Factor of operable fenestrations (2015 Section C402.4) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.37. Thermospan® 200-20 also meets the ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC® requirement for maximum air leakage for fenestration assemblies (2015 Section C402.5.2 Garage doors) with a 3rd party certified tested value of less than 0.40.

Color Options:



Garage Door Painting

This commercial door model is available with the TruChoice™ Color System, Wayne Dalton’s custom painting process that offers more than 6,000+ colors.

Window Options:

insulated sectional steel door model 220-20 with one small window
Vision lites allow for visibility while maintaining security
insulated sectional steel door model 220-20 with three full view windows
Aluminum full view sections allow for maximum natural light and visibility

Materials & Construction

The Thermospan® 200-20 outperforms other conventional insulated steel doors in the area of energy efficiency. The Thermospan® 200-20 offers a U-Value of .057 (R-value of 17.5) – a dramatic improvement over most conventional insulated steel doors, which typically have R-values between 5 and 8. At the heart of the Thermospan® 200-20’s excellent insulation qualities is a patented manufacturing process during which the polyurethane core is continuously foamed-in-place between the outer and inner skins, forming a homogenous sandwich of steel/polyurethane/steel. This process creates outstanding thermal, strength, and bonding characteristics which combine to make the Thermospan® 200-20 an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications. Additionally, a non-conductive thermal break virtually stops hot or cold outside temperatures from being transmitted to the inside.

The Thermospan® 200-20 also features two patented 1 3/4" integral roll-formed struts per section providing the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

Part of what makes the Thermospan® 200-20 virtually maintenance free is the pre-painted flush or smooth exterior surface. This outer skin of hot-dipped galvanized, structural quality steel is factory finished with baked-on corrosion-resistant primer and a white polyester finish coat. The inner skin is also hot-dipped galvanized steel factory finished with the same corrosion-resistant primer and polyester finish coat.

The Thermospan® 200-20 features an innovative thermal break that keeps the interior skin at room temperature, preventing condensation and frost and thereby resisting corrosion. A flexible vinyl bulb seal and non-corrosive polymer retainer prevent water and air filtration at the bottom of the door. Reinforcement plates are located at all hardware attachment locations, and industry standard commercial-grade, heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized hardware also contribute to the Thermospan® 200-20’s long service life.

*Wayne Dalton uses a calculated door section R-Value for insulated doors.